Welcome to the Expat Consulting Podcast, where expats talk about moving, living, and making a home abroad.

Expat Consulting Podcast
Expat Consulting Podcast
Welcome to the Expat Consulting Podcast, where expats talk about moving, living, and making a home abroad.

Show Notes

It takes a long time and a lot of research to really feel at home in another country. That uncertainty is exactly why the Expat Consulting Podcast was created!

To bridge the gap between “this is a new place”, to get to a point where you can really feel like you’re home, even though you’re an expat and even if it’s a country that’s the total opposite of where you’re originally from!

For you to know a new place and to stop asking, Are we home yet?, you’ll have to know all the ins and outs of the land.

It requires making friends with local people, trying local foods, visiting popular places and/or places of significance to the local population, learning about the new place where you live.

While Googling places does get you through the basics of it all, it’s not until you’re actually there that you get to experience things firsthand and figure out exactly how to make your way through the place.

I went through the same exact thing when I moved to China. Although I was super excited, there was instantly this sense of being totally out of place because I had no idea how I was going to set up my “home” in a land that just felt so alien to me.

Let’s just say I was quite literally the “fish out of water” until I found people like me, who had also moved to China a couple of years before me and were able to give me the guidance I needed to get my footing in the new land and make it my own. They allowed me to learn from their mistakes, skip over some of the process of figuring it out, and held my hand as much as possible throughout the whole moving process. That’s exactly what I want to do for other people too!

With the Are We Home Yet podcast, that’s exactly what I’m doing!

My moving abroad podcast features guests from all over the world, people that packed up their bags and moved abroad and had to do the work to make the place their home. Places that you might be interested in moving to too!

With their interviews, I ask my guests are you home yet, and you can learn all about the different countries in the world they live, in detail. We’re talking real details about what you would need to live in a new place. This includes things like what to expect when you’ve just landed in the new lands, how to make sure you’re getting the right accommodation, where you can get the best food from, schools and universities, things to do, things not to do, real expat living, everything you can possibly need to know!

By the time you’re done listening, you’ll have all of the information you might need to skip over the fish out of water phase and directly into the one where you never have to ask yourself, “Are we home yet?” because you’ll know everything you need to know to make the new place your true home!

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