(Part 1) Travel Noire Travel Writer Rafael on how to feel at home in another country: Live like a local

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Expat Consulting Podcast
(Part 1) Travel Noire Travel Writer Rafael on how to feel at home in another country: Live like a local

Show Notes

Travel Noire travel writer Rafael is this week’s guest, he writes for a travel site that focuses on the experiences of Black travelers who travel the world. Travel Noire founder Zim Ugochukwu, created the site in 2013. Travel Noire has become a go-to resource for Black travelers seeking honest and relatable travel content. In addition to featuring travel stories and destination guides, Travel Noire offers a travel directory and travel deals. Its mission is to inspire people of color to travel more and to see the world as a source of opportunity.

I read an article Rafael wrote in Travel Noire, about almost being deported from Argentina. The article was very interesting and I wanted to speak with him about the way he had moved abroad, wherein he lived like a local, which made his experience more enjoyable.

Travel Noire travel writer Rafael has moved back to America to be near family and plan his future with his fiancée, specifically he moved to Atlanta, a city that has plenty of food options and good people. The city has a balance of city life and suburban life, making it the perfect place to settle down. With its many cultural attractions and its diverse population, Atlanta is a city that has something for everyone.

And although it’s wonderful that Rafael is happy to be there, for a while, in America he felt like he was existing, working in corporate America, instead of living and he had an overwhelming desire to travel. So Rafael decided to move abroad for a short while and travel. He and his fiancée planned for months, they had both dreamed of seeing the world and knew they didn’t want to do it under the confines of a traditional 9-5. So they took the leap, handed in their resignations, and set off on the adventure of a lifetime. They’ve seen more of the world than they imagined and are excited to continue seeing it together in years to come.

February 2019 marked a turning point in their life, they decided to take a leap of faith and travel to Bangkok, Thailand. It was a decision that would change everything. In Bangkok, they started their lives over, exploring new careers and lifestyles. Rafael became a travel writer contributing to Travel Noire, documenting their experiences for the Travel Noire site. His partner became a teacher, helping Thai students learn English. They embraced Bangkok and found a new sense of freedom. They were no longer constrained by the expectations of society; instead, They were able to forge our path. And that is what moving abroad is all about. It is about breaking down barriers and embracing the unknown.

The countries Rafael visited in his 3 years while living abroad were :

Thailand, Italy, Indonesia, Sicily, Greece, Portugal, and Argentina.

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