(PART 1): How do you spell retired? For Kenric, it’s spelled a place at the beach.

Expat Consulting Podcast
Expat Consulting Podcast
(PART 1): How do you spell retired? For Kenric, it’s spelled a place at the beach.

Show Notes

If you’re looking for how to spell retired, just look for a place at the beach! My guest for episode 27 of the Are we home yet ? podcast is Kenric, an American, retired after 20 years of military service. When Kenric retired, he wanted to find a place where he could relax and enjoy the sun and sand. Kenric made a plan to travel through Central America, headed down to Honduras, where the beaches are beautiful and the people are friendly. Kenric found an apartment right on the beach and has been living there for a few months. If you’re looking for a place to retire, Honduras, and a place at the beach, is a great choice!

Honduras is a Central American country with a population of nearly nine million people. Honduras is also well-known for its rich culture, which is evident in its music, dance, and art. The country has a long history of political instability, and its economy has been greatly impacted by violence and crime. In recent years, Honduras has made significant strides in combating these issues, and it is now considered to be one of the safest countries in Central America. Despite these challenges, Honduras remains a beautiful and welcoming country that is worth exploring.

Honduras is best known for its pristine beaches, which are some of the best in Central America. The country’s coastline stretches for over 700 miles, and there are dozens of beautiful beach towns to explore. From the surfing mecca of Tela to the laid-back island of Roatán, there’s something for everyone in Honduras. Visitors can enjoy plenty of activities on the water, such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, and kayaking. On land, there’s hiking, bird watching, and horseback riding. And of course, no trip to Honduras would be complete without sampling the delicious seafood cuisine. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Honduras is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region.

There’s something about the beach that just makes Kenric feel at peace. Maybe it’s the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the warm sun on his skin, the sand under his feet, or the scuba diving that he’s recently learned how to do. Whatever it is, he can’t help but feel relaxed living on the beach.

I told Kenric during the interview that I know exactly how he feels. When I was younger, I would spend my summers in my homeland of Panama (Central America) , where my Afrolatina heritage comes from. My aunts, uncles, and cousins, and I would spend time at a place at the beach several weekends during the summer. We would spend all day swimming, building sandcastles, surfing, and collecting shells. Even though I’m all grown up now, I still love going to the beach, and getting a place at the beach. Whether I’m going for a walk along the shore, or just sitting and watching the waves, I always feel better after spending some time at the beach.

If you want to know more insider knowledge about living in Honduras and traveling and living around the world, tune in to episode 27 of the Are We Home Yet podcast and hear more from Kenric !

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