Educator Keesha, her teaching in china salary gives her a comfortable home and life in China

Expat Consulting Podcast
Expat Consulting Podcast
Educator Keesha, her teaching in china salary gives her a comfortable home and life in China

Show Notes

Most of us grow up with a certain plan in mind. That plan is usually a “we’re going to live here, we’re going to get a particular degree, get a little house, and spend the rest of our lives, just hanging out.”

But what if that didn’t have to be the plan?

That’s exactly what the guest on this week’s podcast on the Are we home yet podcast , Keesha, thought!

Keesha was working as a teacher’s assistant in the UK. She loved working with kids, but it still wasn’t the most satisfying life. She wanted to be able to make the most out of her life and her career, so she started looking.

She wanted to figure out what she could do that would give her job satisfaction but also life satisfaction, and eventually landed on the conclusion that she could teach in China, and well; her findings were very interesting.

While you can hear all about Keesha’s experiences on this week’s podcast, the conversation with her gave me enough insight to put together a little moving abroad guide (link below)!

Here’s a cool thing, her teaching in China salary.

Not only is she making a lot more money in China, but since the cost of living is lower , she’s able to have a much higher standard of living while doing the job that she really loves! This makes all aspects of teaching worth it for her.

Keesha’s journey gives a lot of insight into what it’s really like to make the shift from teaching in the UK to teaching in China, and if you want to know more about it, tune in to episode 4 of the Are we home yet Podcast with Keesha!

If your next online search is going to be, “teach English in China program”, well check out the Are we home yet podcast website for resources on teaching in China and other places.

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