Can you spell entrepreneur? In France, an amazing woman, Canadian expat mom Lisa, spells it with her wine women and wellbeing business.

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Expat Consulting Podcast
Can you spell entrepreneur? In France, an amazing woman, Canadian expat mom Lisa, spells it with her wine women and wellbeing business.

Show Notes

Lisa is an amazing woman who has created a unique business that combines wine, women friends, and wellbeing through networking and community. Learn more about her story!

In France, there is a beautiful city near the Spanish border named Pau, where the amazing woman whom I interviewed decided to spell out entrepreneur in a way that would help women find friendship, laughter, empowerment, and inspiration. Canadian expat mom Lisa has enjoyed connecting with different people throughout the four continents she has lived and knew that there was a space she could create for entrepreneurial-minded women to connect, so she started her own business, Wine Women and Wellbeing.

Wine Women and Wellbeing is a unique business that combines Lisa’s love of good wine, good women friends, and wellbeing through networking and community. Through her hard work and dedication Lisa’s business has been a huge success in her homeland of Canada and now her new home of France! Listen to my interview with episode 44 guest, Lisa, on living in various countries with her husband and children, creating a business abroad, how she and her family have made a home abroad, and what home means to her.

Canadian expat mom

Lisa, a Canadian expat mom, has found it to be such a lovely experience relocating with her husband, and kids from Canada to Indonesia, Democratic Republic of Congo, and currently France, and detailed her experiences living abroad on her blog Canadian expat mom.

Being a Canadian expat mom has its challenges, but it can also be an incredibly rewarding experience. On the one hand, you have to deal with the feeling of being homesick, missing the place you are originally from, being away from extended family and friends. No matter how great your life is in your new country, there will always be a part of you that longs for the familiar comforts of Canada.

But on the other hand, living abroad gives you a unique opportunity to raise your children in a different culture. They’ll learn about new customs and traditions, and they’ll have a chance to develop skills that they wouldn’t have otherwise had. Plus, you’ll get to create precious memories with your kids that will last a lifetime. Ultimately, being a Canadian expat mom is both challenging and rewarding.

Wine Women and Wellbeing

Lisa certainly knows how to spell entrepreneur, and that’s with her business Wine Women and Wellbeing.

Wine, women, and wellbeing – it’s a winning combination! Wine has been shown to have countless health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke, boosting cognitive function, and even prolonging life. And what could be better for your wellbeing than spending time with good friends? Women have always been powerful social connectors, forming bonds that last a lifetime. So when you combine the health benefits of wine with the social benefits of spending time with women friends, you’re on the path to optimum wellbeing. So pop open a bottle of your favorite red or white, gather your girlfriends, and toast to your good health!

Lisa describes herself as an extrovert and she enjoys making friends wherever she goes, so it came easily and naturally for how to end up building a business abroad, one involved in making friends. Lisa has put in sweat equity, building her business over 3 years, and has seen the tremendous difference that it’s made in the lives of the members. Woman can network and are part of a community

As indicated on the Wine Women and Wellbeing website:

Most recently, Lisa brought together thousands of women across three provinces for the Manifest Tour featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe, Dr. Jody Carrington, Jess Tetu, and The Sister Brand. WWWB’s inaugural WILD Conference held in Calgary featured keynote speaker Elizabeth Gilbert, and was curated toward bringing together entrepreneurial-minded women.

Lisa is excited to unveil her mentorship program, Level Up Your Life, to an incredible group of women fall 2022!

Wine Women and Wellbeing is doing profound things and that’s a main reason why interviewing this amazing woman was such a pleasure.

Amazing woman

Women are powerful, and they are changing the world. We need more women in leadership positions, because women have the power to change the world for the better. We need more women in government, in corporations, in boardrooms, in classrooms. Women have so much to offer, and we need more of their voices to be heard. We need more women to be empowered, because when women are empowered, society is better off as a whole. And that’s what Lisa is accomplishing with Wine Women and Wellbeing.

As any entrepreneur knows, starting and running a successful business is no easy feat. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of hustle. But for one amazing woman, Lisa, who said during the interview that she can “thrive in the crazy”, she has been able to make the time for the community of women she has brought together, being a mom and wife, and living her best life as a global citizen.

An amazing woman is someone who makes a positive impact on the world around her, whether it be through her work, her actions, or her words. Amazing women can be found all over the world, working to make a difference in their communities and beyond. They are leaders and activists, mothers and teachers, doctors and lawyers. They come from all walks of life, but they share a common commitment to making the world a better place. Through their work, they strive to build bridges between people of different backgrounds and perspectives. By doing so, they help to create a more peaceful and just world for all.

Amazing women are doing amazing things, come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common: they’re making a difference. We can all learn from their example and work to make the world a better place. Let’s celebrate the amazing women in our lives and strive to be like them. Together, we can make a difference.

If you want to know more insider knowledge about living France with the wonders of the French language and French food, the very interesting experiences had by Lisa on her many travels and living around the world, and raising a family abroad, tune in to episode 44 of the Are We Home Yet podcast and listen to Lisa!

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