Moving to a new country – The first things to do

Stop worrying about moving to a new country and make your change easier. It comes with waves and patience – the fun is in accepting and following these steps.

I used to see those moving to a new country quotes about following your dream, not living an ordinary life, have a new experience. So when I was given the offer of employment in Beijing China, the thought of moving to a new country got me so excited. I told people that moving to a new country is called adventure. Well it is, isn’t it ?

I remember overpacking for this adventure…

and almost getting charged extra at the airport because of luggage overage fees, but my boyfriend at the time is such a kind man and offered to pay the fee for me, and I accepted of course.   Honestly, if it were up to me, I would’ve flown all my belongings with me to a new country, so I could set up my home exactly I had once enjoyed it in America.

It looks so easy on tv though

Ah, Emily in Paris – steak dinners coming your way, falling in love with the chef, cute outfits, enjoying the best days of your life … but hate it to break it for you, that is not how exactly how things work.

Yes, there are good parts, but I’m here to prepare you for the things you need to get in order that your life gets enjoyable when you move to a new country.

Prepare yourself for the change – moving to a new country:

It is obvious that in the new location everything is different from home. So, the first piece of advice is to keep an open mind for all the differences that are going to come gushing your way. Stacy’s pita chips online, because after a few months I finally accepted that I couldn’t find in my new home.

 To maintain a positive attitude, meet new challenges and actively embrace new ideas, take it one step at a time. There is no rush and honestly speaking things start getting worse when you don’t keep an open mind about the differences that are going to hold your hand when you move to a new country.

Moving To A New Country

Keep in mind, no matter how fun it may sound in your head, don’t compare or judge everything based on what’s going on at home.

Comparisons often lead to disappointment or even annoyance and this right here is going to be the biggest mistake you will ever make. Keep reading for some tips for moving to a new country.

Remember the culture:

How would you feel if someone new in your country carelessly made fun of your culture? I mean, it wasn’t their intention and you are a really nice and understanding human being but even then, I don’t think you would be able to tolerate anything against your culture. Just like that, moving to a new country comes with respecting and accepting the difference in culture.

When you are moving to a new country, you need to understand the norms and cultural expectations of the area before you go there. Understanding behavioral standards are important for adaptation, and learning before you go is easier than trying to understand the hard way (not me, but how most of us do).

Be familiar with the language:

It’s always a good idea to learn how to communicate with locals, when living abroad requires a certain language. If you are moving to a country where English is spoken and understood by many people, even then you should have the courtesy to get the basics cleared as language and culture are inherently intertwined. There are have been several times when I have wondered why there was difficulty in conversing with another English speaker, disagreement in our understanding of each other.  Ah, the sneaky difference in cultural context. 

Then of course, there are times when a local and I have tried to communicate through translation apps only to be more confused with the other’s words.  It wasn’t until I learned some words and phrases and understanding of cultural context, there are those sneaky words again, that the native language in my chosen destination that things, ways of behavior, interactions with people, became familiar. 

The final verdict:

Moving abroad is a beautiful and fun experience but it can easily be turned into someone’s worst nightmare if they ignore or try to look over the first few things they should be doing after moving out of their country.

Unless you go to a new country and encounter a culture, people, or language very different from your own, you cannot realize how attached you are to your own culture, people and language.

You can’t be completely prepared for a new place that will your home by doing the research on the internet, it will surely come when you leave and start living, something that many of the guests on the Are we home yet podcast have said.

 Bottom line is…

 You will definitely feel the change. If you’re researching “moving to a new country feelings,” I can tell you, prepare for homesickness. And if you’re like me when you moved, single, then moving to a new country alone, you might wish you had taken a different route. But trust me, the fun comes in waves and with patience.  

Moving To A New Country

The secret is not to cure it, but to accept it – with ALL YOUR HEART.

You might still be wondering, can you just move to a new country? And, is moving to a new country hard?

Or, is it a good idea to move to another country?

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