Founder of Esl Cafe, Dave Sperling, on the benefits of moving abroad, making a home in different countries

Want to move all around the world but don’t know if you can handle it? This article explores all the different aspects of moving abroad  The Good & The Bad!

Most of us go through that phase at least once in our lives where we dream of moving abroad, we just want to pack up our bags and move to another country. In the past, that might’ve been extremely difficult, technology was lacking, and there were far too many barriers that restricted everyone’s movement. Not only that, but a severe lack of information about the world as a whole also made people wish and wish to move but left them in a space where they couldn’t do anything about it.

Today, things aren’t like that. You can easily look up an esl job in a different country using a website like Go Overseas, or look up a college through Go Abroad, send in your application, and start the initial process of moving abroad all online! However, even though the actual moving process might’ve gotten easier, there are still things that can catch you off guard.

I had a conversation with Dave Sperling, who spent many years of his life moving from one place to another, and each time, there were things he expected and things that would sneak up on him.

The conversation opened up this door, a door that most people don’t really open, and that’s the one that leads to the question, “What are the scarier aspects of moving to a foreign country?” Well, that question is going to be answered in this post!

We will be taking a closer look at what it’s like to move abroad, all the fun things you should look forward to, and the not so fun ones, along with how you can cope with the curve balls moving to another country might throw your way to make your move, a lot easier!

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Moving Abroad – The Good 

Here are some of the good things you can expect while moving abroad.

You Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind

Leaving your comfort zone doesn’t exactly sound “good,” but it is. It’s a great thing to get out there and try out new things, even if they’re things you wouldn’t normally do in your everyday life. You might be used to living a certain way but have to do things totally differently abroad. The lack of a comfort zone will push you to try new things, and who knows, you might even enjoy a lot of them!

 It’s a Learning Experience From Day 1

Whether you’re moving to another country alone or with your family, it’s going to be a learning experience from the second you get there, sometimes on the journey itself! You’ll learn things about yourself, your family, and the world that you probably would’ve never even noticed. Which just makes the whole thing a massive learning experience from day 1!

 It’s Simply Fun

No matter how hard things get, you can’t deny that moving to a whole new country, where lots of new experiences are waiting for you, is a fun experience. In the podcast, Dave talked about how he got to see an elephant right outside his window and the time he spent riding his motorcycle through different countries.! These are unique experiences that can only really be had if you step outside, take the plunge and venture out away from where you’ve grown up, out into the unknown!

Moving Abroad – The Bad 

When we’re making such a massive change in our lives, like moving abroad, we’d like to focus on the positives. No one really wants to think about the negatives of moving to another country, but there are things that you need to keep in mind and have a plan in store to deal with them in a timely manner!

The Culture Shock Might Be a Bit Much

This one depends on where you are starting out from, but even if you’re just moving to the country right next to your own, there is going to be a bit of a culture shock. Even places that seem similar have their own way of doing things. You’ll find that there are a lot of things the people in the new country do that are totally alien to you, and it might take you a while to deal with it.

While the people of some countries will be respectful as you figure it out, others might not give you the same leniency, so that might be something you want to take into consideration.

It Can Be Isolating

This is something no one really wants to talk about, but no matter where you move to and how much you love the place, when you’re moving abroad alone, there will be times when you just miss home. Dave touched on this in the podcast as well. This feeling can be difficult to deal with, but a great way to find home away from home, when moving abroad alone, is by connecting with people from your home country! Join communities at your college, at work, or even through dedicated groups on Facebook. It’ll help everyone involved to feel a little less isolated in a strange new land!

You’ll Lose Touch

Moving to a foreign country brings with it a plethora of opportunities. You’ll have so many options when it comes to working, studying, and how to spend your free time that you might even find yourself struggling to have any time. With that comes the fact that you might start struggling to find time for your own family and friends back home.

With all of the new experiences you’ll have each day. You’ll start to change and lose touch with the way you were before you made the big move. You might start to lose touch with things you knew before. In my conversation with Dave, he told me about how he used to love a sports team growing up, and when he moved abroad, he totally forgot about them and had no idea what was going on with them anymore. This can bring a totally different type of isolation itself!

When moving to a new country alone, a great way to avoid this is by actually staying in touch. Make time to connect with friends and family, follow social media pages that are about your home country, anything that would keep you up to date on everything that’s going on while you’re gone, so whenever you do return, it’ll be like you missed nothing at all!

A Journey Worth Making

Every day is new, and any place you’re comfortable can feel like home. Take in the feast of the senses, the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and people you get to meet along the way.

Moving to a new country is an experience that’s bound to build character, if nothing else. However, it’s an experience that you need to go into while keeping a lot of different things in mind. To know more insider’s knowledge about what it’s like to move all around the world, on your own and with family, tune in to the Are we home yet Podcast with Dave Sperling. Make sure to also check out Dave’s esl cafe international job board at (formerly Dave’s ESL Cafe) !

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